Silencing the Haters

How to deal with haters
To the haters out there: Shhh…

“I could never do what you do.”

We were sitting in a coffee shop next door to my office when my friend said those words to me.

My friend is brilliant, funny, and an exceptional writer, but when I asked him what is stopping him from launching his own blog (something that he has talked about doing for months), that was his response.

He had more to say too:

“People are so cruel and judgmental. I don’t think that I have what it takes to put my writing out there for the world to rip apart and judge. There are so many haters out there.”

Sadly, he’s absolutely right. There are so many haters out there.

Some of you already know this, but it took me three long years to find the guts to publish my first ever blog post here on this site.

The reason for the ridiculously long delay, you might be wondering?

Fear of dealing with criticism from the haters.

Yep, that’s it. That fear almost stopped me from ever hitting “Publish” on my very first blog post.


It took me a while to completely overcome this fear, but now with almost a year of blogging under my belt, I can say with 100% confidence that haters do not need to be feared.

They do need to be dealt with, though.

The problem is that when it comes to dealing with haters, most people give the same tired advice that you have probably heard before:

Ignore them.

Get a thicker skin.

Fight fire with fire.

There are definitely much better ways to silence the haters, so without further ado, let’s get on with the business of zipping their lips once and for all.

The Best Way To Deal With Haters

Believe me, you don’t have to be a blogger in order to deal with haters.

How many people reading this can relate to dealing with people in your lives who seemingly take great joy in pointing out your flaws, inadequacies, and imperfections?

Also, just to be clear–this post is not about constructive criticism. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. This post is solely about the destructive kind.

The destructive criticism could be about your parenting skills, your ability to do your job, how you dress, who you decided to date/marry, the house you live in, the car you drive, your positive attitude, your weight, your hair, the fact that you smile too much, your writing ability…the list could literally go on and on.

You might think that since I write about positivity, I must be immune from dealing with haters. Everyone loves positivity, right?


Here are some very real (and unfiltered) examples of the some the hate that I’ve had to deal with since launching The Positivity Solution:

  • Your blog is way too positive. This is a shitty world that we live in and you clearly live in a fantasy land that’s nothing like the real world. You need to quit being such a phony.
  • I can’t take you seriously as a “positivity writer” because you use the words sh*t and a**hole in your blog posts. Stop pretending that you’re a positive person.
  • Your latest blog post made me feel angry/sad/guilty/(insert negative emotion here). You suck as a blogger and I’m done with you.
  • Ok, so who is really writing these blog posts? I know that it can’t be you. Every black person I know is practically illiterate and they’re definitely not into “positivity.” Quit lying to us asshole, we’re on to you.

There’s a lot more where those came from, but I’m sure that you get the point.

So, how do I deal with these special people?

It’s simple.

I do more of what they hate.

This one is pretty important, so I’ll say it again:

The best way to silence the haters is to do more of what they hate.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

A few years ago at one of my previous jobs, I had a very motivated group of haters who loved to comment on how “phony” I was to anyone who would listen. To them, I was “too nice” and I “smiled too much” to be authentic and real, and apparently, my positive attitude annoyed the hell out of them.

Yes, seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

Let’s be honest–what if I foolishly tried to make these people happy by smiling less and by switching up my style by mean-mugging everyone all day and treating people like crap? Would that make them “like me” more?

Of course not.

Changing up my style wouldn’t magically turn me into best friends with those people (not that I wanted to be friends with people like that anyway.)

So instead, I did the only logical thing.

I chose to smile more, I continued to be friendly as possible, and most importantly, I chose to be me, unapologetically. 

Interestingly enough, once they realized that their snide comments and immature hating had absolutely no effect on my behavior, the haters were effectively silenced and they moved on to another target who would give them the emotional reaction they craved.

Believe me, it’s very possible to rise above the hate, and if you’re dealing with haters, you can rise above it too by: 1) showing your haters that their words have no effect on you and 2) showing them that you’re happy with who you are by doing more of what they hate.

I know that at The Positivity Solution I won’t be able to please everyone.

For some people, I’m too positive.

For some people, I’m not positive enough.

For some people, dropping an occasional curse word means that I’m a negative person.

For some people, because I’m not dropping a steady stream of “F-bombs” from my keyboard onto this page, that means that I’m soft and “afraid to keep it real.”

This is all part of the gig–no matter where you go or what you choose to do, the critics will be waiting.

But given the choice to be the person who is critiquing the thing from the sidelines or doing the thing in the arena (shout out to Brené Brown!), I can always lean on the fact that I’m choosing to live each day courageously in the arena.

If you’re with me in the arena, then know this–no matter what you’re doing, it is impossible to make everyone happy.

Good thing that’s not my goal, and I hope that it’s not yours either.

As a guy who has spent the majority of my adult life being scared to show the world the “real me” for fear of being judged by the haters, those days are over.

Instead, I will keep giving you every last drop of the authentic Shola.

Every. Single. Day.

Like the late Kurt Cobain said, “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.”

Hurt People Hurt People

“I hope that you get cancer and die.”

I remember reading the above comment directed toward the author of a very popular blog that I like to read, and at first, that comment shook me to my core.

Seriously, that’s an incredibly horrific thing to say to someone. What type of person would wish cancer upon another human being?

Reflecting back on it now, I completely get it.

Only someone who is severely hurting inside would ever take the time to type up something like that and then publish it on a website for the whole world to see.

Personally speaking, the comments that I shared earlier from my haters are actually the “PG-rated versions” of the comments that I’ve received over the past 10 months.

Some comments that I’ve received in the past are so ugly, mean, and cartoonishly evil that they just cannot be taken seriously.

For example, whenever I receive a racist email or blog comment loaded with “N-bombs,” I just hit the delete button and remember the wise words of one of my college professors:

Hurt people hurt people.

Here are two very real observations that I’ve made about haters, that I’m sure you’ll agree with:

1) I have never in my life seen a well-adjusted and happy person who purposely writes vicious, hate-filled emails/comments in an attempt to tear someone else down. Why? Because they’re too busy being well-adjusted and happy to waste their time being an insufferable jerk, that’s why.

2) I have never received a piece of vicious criticism from a person who is actually putting themselves out there by creating anything meaningful. These jokers are experts at trying to destroy things behind the safety of a computer screen (no skill or talent is needed to do that), but they’re pretty much incapable of publicly building anything useful (lots of skill, talent, and guts are needed to do that).

I remind myself of both points whenever I deal with mean-spirited comments or mean-spirited behavior. You should too.

Simply put, people who choose to hurt others are the broken souls of the world who are deeply hurting themselves. 

If you’re dealing with people who seemingly find pleasure in directing destructive criticism your way–it could be a customer, your significant other, your boss/coworker, or even your mom–just remember this:

Their hate has nothing to do with how they feel about you, it’s a reflection about how they feel about themselves.

Focus on the VIPs

In the not-so-distant past, I used to focus so much of my time and energy on the people who didn’t “get” me or this blog.

For example, these were some of the common thoughts that would run through my mind on a frequent basis:

Ugh, there she is again! How come this woman only comments when she’s trying to find fault or pick a fight? Doesn’t she have anything better to do?

Wow, this woman thinks that I’m a fraud because I used the word “asshat” in one of my blog posts. Come on, really???

Why is this guy so annoyed that I keep posting upbeat and positive stuff on this page? Is he lost or something? He does realize that this blog is called The Positivity Solution, right? 

Man, that was such a useless waste of energy.

I spent so much time trying to chase those people down and get them to be happy with me and this blog, and at the same time, I wasn’t giving my fullest amount of energy and love to the people who really deserved it.

My focus needs to remain with the people who are my true believers, or in other words: my VIPs.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to answer this critical, and potentially life-altering question: Who are the VIPs in your life? If you don’t know, then stop what you’re doing and check out this must-read blog post: The VIP Section.

Who are the people who “get you” and will always have your back, no matter what?

Trust me, those are the people who you need to focus your energy on.

There will always be haters on the sideline who think that you’re a terrible parent, a horrible coworker, you dress funny, and you rock a hideous hairstyle.

Believe it or not, that’s okay.

Who knows, maybe there’s something constructive in their comments, and if so, it would probably make sense to take action to do something about it.

But if the purpose of their criticism is just to be a destructive hyper-critical asshat, then it’s up to you to do the only sane thing:

Give them more of what they hate, which is coincidentally, more of what your VIPs love.

The days of giving the haters in our lives any more power and attention than they deserve, ends today.

As they say, haters are gonna hate regardless.

As for us, we’ll just keep on being us.

Whether they like it or not.

Your Turn

Do you have any haters in your life? If so, what technique do you use to deal with them? Jump into the comments below and make your voices heard!

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108 thoughts on “Silencing the Haters”

  1. WOW talk about perfect timing….I left a well-known mommy group because of the haters. It broke my heart at first but the longer I stayed away, the better I felt. Today I heard from a few friends how my name is still being dragged around in the muck. Ouch.

    I can’t say it didn’t hurt. And I’ve asked my friends kindly to not tell me what’s going on over there, and to not talk about me over there.

    Thank you so much for posting this today….it helped, really. Keep being awesome 🙂

    • Hey Crafty Angel! You are so right, it does hurt when people find it necessary to be mean and hateful for no good reason. I remember that my Mom would always tell me, “when people choose to talk behind your back, that’s exactly where you should leave them: behind your back.” As hard as it may be to do, I’d recommend a clean break from that particular mommy group (on a side note: from what I’ve heard, some mommy groups can be some of the meanest, judgmental people in the world), and don’t worry about if they’re continuing to be immature by dragging your name through the mud. Maybe this is a sign that you need to create your own mommy group! I know lots of positive and well-adjusted moms who would love to join. Best of luck, my friend!

  2. You know, I often find myself pondering “what happened to that person to make them so miserable?” I generally try to keep my distance from people who are just so incredibly unhappy, but that is not always possible. There is a woman at my office who is incredibly mean. She is always gossiping about people and she is very manipulative and seems to get joy from hurting people. It’s actually not very easy to stop from wondering “why doesn’t she like me?” “what’s wrong with me?” As a matter of fact, I get very upset with myself when I get home and realize that I let her affect me. But mostly, I just feel sorry for her. It must be awful to be so miserable. Whatever happened to make her that way must have been an awful thing. If I just remember that, it’s much easier to deal with.

    I still wonder what it is that makes some people so mean and hateful while others who have also had terrible things happen to them are so nice. It’s fascinating to think about it. I also think that a lot of comments are made by people b/c they are in the safety of their own homes, hidden behind their computer screens and no one will ever know and other than words, there will be no fight that may cause harm. It’s really too bad that people can’t just pick and choose what they want to look at online and just peacefully move away from what they don’t want to look at. Why is that so hard?

    Well Shola, another great post as always! I love thing that make me go “Hmmm?”


    • Wow!!! I have never been so inspired to pick up my pen again and finish my books!
      You have reminded me of who I am… Thank you

      I remember recently someone said ” come on Kimen, no one is that happy”, I just kept my mouth shut and continued to be the happy person I am today.
      At the same time I felt sad for this person who could not believe that abundant constant joy is a possibility.
      Keep up the good work!!! Each positive being causes a shift in the world!

      • Yes Kimen! Pick up that pen and start writing–don’t allow the haters to slow you down! Just like you, I’ve heard over and over again that I must be fake because I’m “too happy” (whatever that means). But when the haters come (and they will) just continue to be you by giving them more of what they hate. Thanks for being a positive shift in the world, my friend!

    • Spring, I absolutely LOVE how much of a deep thinker you are! Believe me, I have spent more time than I’m willing to admit trying to figure out exactly why some people choose to be so mean hateful, while others are so loving and kind. There are a ton of different factors (upbringing, emotional maturity, personality traits, etc), but one thing that I am certain about now is that when someone does choose to talk to me in a hateful manner, that says MUCH more about them than it does about me. Like they say: “hurt people hurt people.” I couldn’t agree more with what you said about behavior online. I have read blog posts that I didn’t like before, but I never thought of leaving a vicious comment or sending an hateful email–who needs that kind of drama? Instead, I just click off of the page and keep it moving. It’s a much easier way to live. Thanks for the comment, my friend! 🙂

  3. This article is GREAT! A friend tagged me a FB post that was linked to this article because a week ago I posted about how people were telling me I was “too positive”. Only those that are negative think I’m too positive…if they only knew the real me. Thank you for this post and I must start following your blog!

  4. My mom always told me that the best way to deal with haters is to kill them with kindness. If you don’t give in to what they want, they get bored and move on. Great post, as always!

    “Keep in mind, hurting people often hurt other people as a result of their own pain. If somebody is rude and inconsiderate, you can almost be certain that they have some unresolved issues inside. They have some major problems, anger, resentment, or some heartache they are trying to cope with or overcome. The last thing they need is for you to make matters worse by responding angrily.” ~Joel Osteen

    • Hey Valisa! As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Once you don’t give the haters the emotional response that they crave, they get bored and move on. Thanks for another awesome quote!

  5. Haters don’t need a reason to hate. They’ll hate without a reason. I’ve lost far too much of my life responding to haters, defending myself and being miserable wondering what I did wrong. It’s not me that has the problem, it’s them. I have since started determining who I am and how I want to treat people. I treat people (as much as possible, cause I’m a work in progress) with the same acceptance, kindness and respect regardless of how they treat me. It’s a God thing. Who we are should not be dependent upon how others treat us. God causes the sun to shine upon, and blesses the good and the evil because His nature is LOVE. I try to do the same. It makes ME feel better to know that just because someone else is being an asshat doesn’t mean I have to be one too. Great blog post!

    • So true Becky, haters don’t need a reason to hate–that’s a lesson that I’ve learned the hard way. Just like you, I’ve wasted precious weeks, months, and years trying to figure out why haters hate, but getting into the dark recesses of their minds was not a fun journey for me. Most importantly, you said it best when you said that “just because someone else is being an asshat doesn’t mean that I have to be one too.” Well said!

  6. I’m with Spring. When I meet someone who is negative or spiteful, I tend to ask myself why. Misery loves company. I just try to stay positive and not get sucked into the negativity. The more I work at staying positive, the easier it is.

    Another awesome post, Shola. Thank you!!! 😉 I am in training this week and had to wait until now… after 9pm my time… to finally read your post! It was hard to wait that long!

    Thank you, also, for always making my Monday something to look forward to. As positive as I am, I still struggle with the transition from weekend to workweek. Your blog has really eased that pain!!!

    • Thank you Kathy! It is an honor to help in anyway to ease the transition from week to week. I know that Mondays are usually the least favorite day of the week for most people, so I’m thrilled to hear that I’m making Mondays better for you 🙂 I agree with you, these days when I see someone acting in a hateful way, I can’t help but to ask “I wonder why he/she is acting like that.” Usually, I don’t have an answer so I do everything that I can to distance myself from that energy. Thanks for reading, my friend!

  7. Giving haters more of what they hate is genius. I never thought about it that way before.

    My technique has always been to turn the mute button on their ass. I’ve literally had occasions where a hater would tell me precisely why one of my projects is stupid and I’ll just nod without actually listening, say “Okay” and then leave the conversation as quickly as possible.

    We are creating art and going against the grain so there will always be people who dislike what we’re doing. If someone isn’t pissed off then we’re probably doing something wrong.

    Good shit as always Shola.

    • Hey Kevin! Man, the “giving the haters more of what they hate” philosophy has been a life-changer for me. I used to be the dude who would change up his style to make the haters happy, and just ended up being even more miserable in the process. These days, I’m done with that shit. Like you said, we are creating art, and it will always be much easier to destroy art (haters) than it is to create it. Thanks for reading Kevin, and keep kicking ass with your art, my man!

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  9. The hardest people to love are the ones who need our love the most! You, dear Shola, are so easy to love!! Thanks for sharing that love and giving others the opportunity to receive it, nurture it, and multiply it.

    • Hey Sabrina! That is SO true–the hardest people to love are often the ones who need it the most. It’s just that sometimes, that love has to be given from a distance ;). Thank you so much for the kind words, my friend–you are too sweet! I promise that I’ll keep sharing the love for as long as I can 🙂

  10. My current method is that I have “teams.” The A-Team consists of people I know I can trust, that I can be honest and real with. They know my flaws and fears and foibles and they love me. The B-Team contains people whose company I generally enjoy, but I hold back in some areas (for example, they think being a spiritual person is weird, or they gossip a lot so they can’t be trusted with private information). I might genuinely like them and seek their company, but I know I’ve got to tailor what I talk about accordingly. The rest fall somewhere between “I might go for coffee with them if I’m in the mood” and “walk down another grocery aisle to avoid.” New people are automatically B-Team unless or until experience tells me they need to be moved.

    In case you’re wondering, I’ve been told I’m hard to get to know. 🙂 But I’ve met too many wolves in sheep’s clothing (as it were) and women can be particularly vicious. I’ve spent too many years wasting energy on people whose sole purpose for interaction is to demonstrate their self-proclaimed superiority and who don’t care if they hurt or insult others in the process. Now I smile politely, wish them well, and walk on by.

    • Good stuff, Maria! Your “A-Team” and “B-Team” concept is similar to the VIP post that I wrote about a little while ago. I hear you about not wasting any more time on people who make a habit of hurting others. Like you said, wish them well and walk on by 🙂

  11. Shola, you are a deep, emotionally intelligent, beautiful soul!
    Your positive energy is a gift to the world!
    Keep it coming!

    • Liz my friend, you are so sweet to say that! I promise that I’ll keep the positivity coming as long as you promise to stick around, ok? Thanks for very nice comment, you just made my day 🙂

  12. Hey Shola! Ironically, I was unfriended (from social media and life, too, I guess) by someone arising out of a comment conversation when I shared this post on FB! “Too positive.” LOL Party on!

    • Party on indeed, Betsy! Like they say, “let the haters hate.” If being “too positive” is the issue, then by all means keep giving them more of what they hate!

  13. Dear Shola,
    I found your article when I did a Google search about toxic people and haters. I am so glad this is the article I was most drawn to. You helped my mindset in ways I desperately needed. I was always of the belief that we are in the world together so we need to lift each other up and support each other. I have been on the receiving end of some horrible antics from a family member and couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. Every time I achieved anything (great or tiny) she would find a way to belittle me and try to take my pride. She competes with every single thing I do. (Work, school, family, sports) she tries to find any way she can to be ” better” than me. This is a foreign concept to me. I am a firm believer in encouragement and positive Reinforcement. Thank you for helping me see that she is hurting and insecure about her own life and that I can continue to shine. She succeeded for a short time in dimming my light but now I’m ready to shine again. Thank you so much Shola. You made a difference in my life

  14. Thank you very much for this article, it really helped me deal with haters. Recently, I took a class at a different university and the whole atmosphere there is different. I really like to participate and do my best in that class and I have been met by haters that told me I should stay at home and take care of children (which is their view on women position in society). They started criticizing my class involvement.
    Instead of being down by those comments, I choose to center this energy as a drive to make me want to succeed even better.
    I do not mind their comments but I do not want to be negatively affected by them.
    Also, I really connect with you when you said you were criticized by being too positive, which is something even my ”closest” friends do. I do not believe I am too positive or ”unrealistic” I just choose to view the things in the light I want to.
    I feel like in our society, it is hard to maintain our self-worth (confidence) because I always have to re-balance it?

  15. Earthy grounded positivity that doesn’t deny the negativity…. Can’t ask for more. Brilliant! Thank you! What u write keeps echoing in me during my day. Great gift you are spreading across the Atlantic! Pacific too 😉 all the best, let the haters takes the rest….

  16. Dear Friends
    Shola has written an excellent guide for people. There is hope and help for those who suffer. These are some of the books I use alongside Shola’s most helpful book:
    1. Bullies to Buddies: How to Turn Your Enemies Into Friends by Izzy Kalman
    Please see

    2. Love is Greater than Hate: the Ultimate Strategy to End Bullying by Brooks Gibbs

    3. Living with Difficult People by Miriam Adahan

    Good to be in touch with good people!

    With all good wishes
    A. Light

  17. I like YOU. Such awesome insight. I am still not blogging partly because of fears like this but then some others too. My VIP list is mainly one friend in my life who I can be completely open with. From there, I have VIPs depending on the subject. I fit in everywhere and fit in nowhere sort of thing. It will be interesting to see how I pull it all together in a blog (or maybe two), aimed at positive activism, creativity, and leadership. Even just writing it out here gives me butterflies.
    Thank you for the inspiration and a little chance to express myself. It literally fills me with a shot of joy whenever I come across a person who is authentic.
    P.s. You said asshat. bwahahahaha I love it. To me, words are all about intention. Some of the most awful things in the world have been said and done by people who were “proper” and “nice.”

  18. As much as I have on my TDL, I had to take the time to thank you for being you and creating this awesome piece. It addressed every. Little. Thing. Bothering me rn. Exhilarated to know I’m not alone. As the saying goes “you weren’t meant to fit in if you were born to stand out.” Sometimes all we need is a bit of backup. My thing is, sometimes the amount of silent haters rather than VIPs can be deafening. Then I realize most of it is in my mind and where I place my time. Not going to give the satisfaction of considering by burying myself in positivity! Your inspiration is appreciated.


  19. Some great stuff in here Shola! Found you through this post. Got some negative hurt people trying to tear me and my work down. I love your idea of simply doing more of what they hate. Gonna do exactly that! Keep rocking man.

  20. I am also new to your blog, as I was also searching for information on how to effectively deal with these hating a** toxic people! I love this blog and you should continue writing because it is very helpful to a lot of people! I have wondered throughout my life why so many people disliked me? I couldn’t figure it out. When I have always been as nice and helpful as I could be. What I eventually did was said screw them and started focusing on me and my vip’s. To tell you the truth this approach really works! I have discovered that these people are unhappy, lonely or just plain ugly! and wish they could have your happiness. That’s what it really is.

  21. I too have many haters have taken down an entire blog because of a destructive extended family.

    I didn’t actually name them but describing their destructive and hateful behaviour AND HOW I OVERCOME IT actually upset them that much to actually call my hubby and explain their very bizarre take of it.

    I don’t care what haters think anymore- as Tay Tay tells us SHAKE IT OFF!

  22. I just discovered your blog but I already love it to death. This post was exactly what I needed to be more willing to put myself out there and further my writing. Thank you for being you.

  23. I am a positive person, but my hater is my sister who my parents and I have helped during her marriage and raising her children. Her husband went to jail for white collar crime. She did not go to work and everyone sent her money. She finally did go to work, and I was always there for her even though her husband had affairs. She remained with him. When my father was approaching death, he said, “Your sister doesn’t love you.” It was very difficult for him to tell me this but very important. She took things from me. Then she told terrible stories about me. Horrible stories – tried to turn her sons against me. She tried to turn my own Mother against me, but that worked against her. At the time of both of my parents’ deaths, her relationship with them was very bad. Now I have tried to call her but she will usually start yelling at me for no logical reason. The last time I called she called me the devil because although I had forgiven them, I needed to work with them to rebuild trust to have a relationship. Her son is still not friendly with me because of something horrible she claimed I did but was supposed to tell him that I didn’t do. I believe in being positive and know that she is my sister, but I am much healthier when I have I no contact with someone who I believe to have problems which have nothing to do with me. The hatred she had for her husband was transferred to her son for several years and then it was transferred to me.

  24. Hey Shola, I just wanted to say I loved your blog post and it’s actually my second time reading it. Sometimes the hurt and anger is just too much for my heart to bear, especially when I don’t understand why something so insulting was said (destructive criticism like you said, despite my efforts to change in the past). Reading a couple guides helped,but , still didn’t erase much of the hurt. When I read your blog though, I was reminded why exactly the hate from others happens, and somehow the explanations really help calm me down. It’s like you addressed the emotions at the core, which is really important to “how to fix it”. Thank you for sharing, and I hope I can practice more of what you said, doing more of what I love, and they hate. I hope you have a blessed day and keep writing. Don’t believe the haters, especially the racist ones. Completely uncalled for.

  25. Hi Shola
    This is how i’ve felt since school and now as an adult i often wonder why i let haters hate me for the person i’m not (the front i show them) rather than the real me and my real talents.
    This post just sums me up and i just can’t push myself enough to do one of the things that makes me happy because i’m to scared of being judged!

  26. Well thanks for your ideas, especially the idea about “do more of what they hate.” I realized that fact after living in hell for more than 10 years. I have been hated almost by my father, my family, most of my friends, I did not do anything to hurt them but to be successful in my business.

    Haters try to STOP you by all means, whether by words or by set of dirty deeds and actions. As you have said “Doing more of what they hate” KILLS them.

    I had a hater who tried to ruin my business by all means, after I achieved something great in my business, he had an ulcer…literally had an ulcer. You don’t need to argue with them or fight. The worst thing you can do to them is cut your relationship with them and do more of what they hate.

    Great post, thanks for ideas and sorry for prolixity.

  27. Hey Shola, you have some really good views on dealing with haters. Thanks very much for sharing.

    However, I think they are useful in dealing with only a certain type of haters. As a kid, I was very different from the rest of my classmates. I used to live in my own world of books and mathematics. This drew a lot of hatred from my fellow classmates. I tried my best to keep being me and letting them make fun of me, but it was emotionally scarring. Anyway, my point is when I stopped responding to these haters, I was often bullied physically, which I think was an attempt on their side to incite my anger. How do you suggest people deal with these types of haters, who just wouldn’t give up? Would love to hear your opinion. Thanks.

    • Rise above their jeers in your emotions. Set your mind to do this, it is achievable.

      With this, you become a rock, any attempt to smash you leaves them wounded. Then the tides turn around. Your soul starts to heal. The more they smash you, the weaker they become.

      Come on, it’s time you set yourself free from their grip. Be you! You are the best thing that can happen to your world. 😍

  28. Your comments have cheered me up after having had to move because of a horrible hater neighbour. I have been traumatised by the horrible names he has called me over a trivial thing he thinks we did but we did not and he would not see reason. He has no life whereas I work and have a wonderful husband and supportive friends. So I shall concentrate on them and try to forget the neighbour and if I happen to dee him in the street I shall smile and wave widh me luck!

  29. Thank you so much.
    I struggle to stay focused on the road.
    Judgments and criticisms especially from family who don’t always have my best interests at heart, can still hurt me for a long time.
    I got a lot of support from your article.

  30. Thank you!! Much needed. You’re right. Haters gonna hate. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Keep your chin up…no act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted.

  31. You are so right! You are very good at speaking your mind and from the heart! Your published experiences help many! Thank you!

  32. Hello, Shola. This is my first time reading anything from your blog, and I really enjoyed it. Before searching “dealing with haters” on Google, I was having a nice night and had had TONS of good feedback on a social media post I’d put up earlier, only to have my communal high torn down in seconds by someone who did have a point (sort of) that they could’ve brought up constructively, but instead chose to be a sarcastic, snarky, high-and-mighty– as you said it– asshat lol That ONE person was able to crush the positive impact almost a hundred others had had on me prior. It ruined my mood and honestly made me feel sick with embarrassment (I’m an introvert, and this was one of the rare times I posted an opinion because of my fear of getting jerky replies, of which there will almost always be at least one), even though I knew she was the person crashing everyone’s conversation coming in with hate as a motive instead of commenting in the interest of reciprocal contribution. It took all I had not to fire back, but I just flatly thanked her for weighing-in and said everyone is entitled to their opinion, which she herself had (kind of) stated earlier, even though “everyone” doesn’t apparently include me. Honestly, I searched for ways to deal with haters because I was trying to decide what method to go with– (1) respectful but blunt statement or (2) forceful, but truthful retaliation. I’m still not sure if I made the “right” choice, but I just wanted to say this article helped me feel a lot better about it either way. I’m still a little upset, but I’m trying to focus on the VIPs and the good stuff around me instead of this angry person connected to me only as another citizen of the Internet, and I’m not going to let it stop me from posting again. Good luck to your on your positive journey– Thanks again!

  33. Hello, I just came across your site & the things you have said on here hit home big time. I’m actually dealing with a couple that keeps harassing me. Though this isn’t about a blog but it still just doesn’t make sense for grown a** people to bully people. The couple just passes by me & look at me. I’m being stalked. I don’t want the guy so he stalks me every where. His wife who is pregnant is also involved which I don’t get. I told her in the past on FB that I don’t want her man. They’re throwing hate me & trying to screw with my head. I don’t care about them & I have nothing to do with them but for some reason, they won’t stop. I’m taking legal action now. It just sucks cuz they’re trying to show off their relationship & trying to hurt me. I’ve been bullied my whole life & I still can’t believe I’m still being bullied. I don’t bother anyone. I just want them to leave me alone & go away. They have a life together with two of her kids & one one the way which she tried to show off to me. I’ve been going through this for 3 1/2 yrs. I can’t believe they’re still doing this. They’re in their 30’s. I’m in my 40’s. Why can’t they just leave me alone. I’m trying to live my life. I don’t care at all about their lives. It doesn’t hurt me about them two being together at all. I mean come on, 3 in a half yrs?? Really!! They never say anything, just pass by slowly & sometimes smiling at me . They would just sit in the vehicle & pass by me slowly, I would just ignore them. Enough is enough. I know it’s their issues cuz she don’t trust her man which I don’t want at all. She’s been with him forever. He wants what he can’t have so he’s trying to torture me. He’s obviously a dog & I don’t deal with guys like that. I don’t want him. He’s taken & he’s a jerk. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story because I just don’t get why I seem to attract mean spirited people. It’s like every time I could be going out with my friends or dating, they all start tripping & stalking. They actually wait till I step out of my house then pass me so I could see them. She even does it with her girlfriends. Even on the holidays. They don’t even know me. It’s like I can’t have a life & enjoy myself. God forbid. It’s all about their life which I don’t care about. Anyway, though I’m taking legal action, it hurts like hell cuz I’m by myself going through this & no one cares like my family & friends period. They don’t believe me & it’s all about them period. Why would I make something like this up? They’re trying to get my attention & hurt me. Sorry that this is long, I just need to hear something positive. I’m keeping my head up but struggling: (. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I do want to start my own blog on stalking/harassment because this is serious & it needs to be taken seriously. Can u also give me advice on how I can start my blog? Thanks !!

  34. I have dealt with haters aka bullies in the work place my entire career. It’s so unfair because all I ever wanted to do is be a productive employee and be valued. That never happened. In my new job it’s starting to happen and I know it’s because I’m working with predominantly female co-workers and all though I’m a few years older I look 10 years younger, I’m happy always smiling, take care of my self, take pride in my appearance and stride to always look beautiful. That’s just who I am and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not seeking attention or approval or friendship. I just value and love myself. And haters will hate you for being you and that’s okay. I have learned that I really don’t care anymore what people think about me. I realize like you said that you have to continue doing what they hate because you are obviously doing something right. After experiencing the tragic loss of my mom I realized how important it is for me to find happiness and positivity in life because that’s what’s important. happiness is key and keeping it in your life is a must. So I no longer waist energy and time on haters like I used to. I vent but then I let it go. And everytime I deal with a hater I remind myself that they are miserable and I’m happy and beautiful which is why they become aggravated with me without reason.

  35. Thank you so much… This advice is brilliant!
    This is the first time I come to your blog and see your awesome work… So keep shining, and I will subscribe!

    P.S. Just got massively hated on in a Facebook group of “Community Managers” who think they know it all, are entitled, have too much time to destructively criticize… And, well, as you say, they are not my VIPS… And therefore, not worth my extremely precious TIME and ENERGY!!

  36. Even on Thanksgiving, the day you would think I would be in good spirits, I’m plagued by the negative thoughts of others. Sigh. I’ve never heard of your blog before, but this article made me smile and I thank you for the positive vibes. I deal with a lot of negative people and it can be very draining. I still find it difficult to break that emotional stronghold. As I continue to do me, they continue to make their prescence known and it is very irritating. The happier I am, the more hate I receive. I consider this odd because why wouldn’t we want to gravitate to positive people? Obviously, they have found something that works for them. Why not ask to borrow a tip or two and see how it fits in their life? Perhaps thats asking too much. Be that as it may, great article. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  37. I think we attract what we are afraid of. As a child, my mother said some of the most hurtful things to me unintentionally, of course. I grew up to have a fear of conflict with females. I chose not to work or participate in certain activities if too many women were involved. Ironically, I am an extrovert… Love talking to people. I would turn into the bullying target at work and even as early as my early high school/middle school years. Always so full of anxiety… I clearly know that having a higher spiritual being in your daily life… Prayer and reading and inspirational music kept me positive on a corporate job I once worked. I did not care anymore. I walked in smiling and singing. After those experiences, one becomes stronger yet think “not again, ugggh!…. I’ve seen this hating situation all before. There is a lesson in everything 😂

  38. Thank you for the time, energy and heart you put into this post. Thank you for being so transparent as well. This came at the perfect time and helped me navigate a situation to choose a mature and healthy way to handle a hater in my life. Thank you for rising above the attempts hurt people have made to bring you down. I pray that they continue to read your blog and find themselves uplifted instead.

  39. This is amazing!!! Thank you for your words, I needed to hear them. I was dealing with such people in the workplace and what I have realized over time is, and too late for me, that when you step back, so they have less reasons for criticism, then they will destroy you, because they got to you. I couldn’t understand that mechanism behind their destructive behavior, because I am a creative person and even when I am envious, I take it as a reason/fuel for my improvement and I usually put those “advanced” people as my role models and my secret motivators to work on me more. Now I am not for stepping back at all. I am happy, that I found someone, who could explain me this and has the same point of view. Thank you very much for having your blog!

  40. Thank you for this. Working through some very difficult times I genuinely started laughing, feeling so relieved like a weight dropped from my shoulders when you described your solution — of just doing more of what you are doing.

  41. This is the first time I’m reading your blog, gotta say, I love it.

    Haters gotta hate because that’s the only way they’re convinced that they’re ok.

    With much love and positivity,


  42. I honestly couldn’t have read Silencing the Haters at a better time. It’s not that I didn’t already know all the points that you touched on. It’s just that my head was in such a fog from feeling depressed that I forgot.
    But, when I read your words, it all resonated with me.
    Why depressed? I guess I was having a pity party and I was the only guest.
    I have met my share of haters in life and usually I’m pretty thick-skinned. Apparently occasionally there’s a tiny rupture in that thick skin, so a hater manages to sneak through.
    I didn’t know about your blog, but I put a question to Google asking why some people must act high and mighty, and they accomplish that by putting other people down.
    Your blog popped up, and I’m glad it did. It helped me shake off the blues — in baby steps.
    Thank you.

  43. Hie there Shola
    What deep insightful and sound read!!! You said it so profoundly i could never take out or add.
    #HurtPeopleHurtPeople sooo true!!
    Thanks so much for this. I will take it to the grave believe u me..

  44. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment
    (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any tips for rookie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  45. Haters, wow! Go figure these guys. I live with a hater, and nothing ever good or positive escapes his lips. He makes me want to scream. I’m really tired to the point I have taken a job just to escape. I read addention by subtraction and desited this could help me get my own place. I’m trying to train for my new job but he is constantly on me so hard my mind has shut down. I have to constantly ask the same questions over, and over.
    How do I deal with this
    Junk. I need some peace please!

  46. Really, ispired, from now on i just need to focus on ‘my vips’ and ignore haters who try to make me feel worthless.

  47. Hi!

    I stumbled upon this post because I’m currently dealing with my boyfriend’s crazy ex girlfriend that has been harassing me through social media and text. She’s trying to make me feel bad about myself because she wants to get back with my boyfriend after all the hardships she put him through. It was a mess and my emotions were all over the place because she tried to manipulate me into thinking my boyfriend still cares about her even when he cut all ties. Deep down I couldn’t help but compare myself and feel bad for no reason – and let her win. After reading this, I realize that she is just jealous and isn’t at peace with herself. Now I have changed my # and will continue to ignore any future actions or words from her that come my way. Your post really encouraged me and just wanted to show some love by telling you my story. Keep writing and thank you for this!

  48. “I spent so much time trying to chase those people down and get them to be happy with me and this blog, and at the same time, I wasn’t giving my fullest amount of energy and love to the people who really deserved it.”

    This really resonated with me Shola. I came across your article after Googling “how to get a hater off your mind.” However my dilemma is a bit more complex. Ever since launching my blog I’ve dealt with a couple “silent haters.” I define a silent hater as someone who is a power user on social media aka always active, always actively engaging in other friends and family member posts but doesn’t ever interact with your posts. One of these silent haters happens to be my sister-in-law.

    While I can surely make the excuse that maybe she hasn’t seen my recently shared blog posts, my mother-in-law and other sis-in-law – both who are very less active on facebook – have made multiple positive comments about my blog AND I’ve been sharing posts for over a month now.

    I’m 99.9% sure the silent hater sister-in-law is hating on the fact that I started a blog that is getting so much positive response and in turn not acknowledging my blog in the first place. I can’t help but be irritated by this. I wish I wasn’t – hence me visiting your site. Any advice for those with silent haters out there???

  49. Thank you for this wonderful site! I can relate completely to your struggle and I look forward to returning for positivity, humor and perspective in the future ❤️

  50. I found this blog entry when googling handling critics because I was experiencing my own issues with haters. My blog is a new and distinctive voice on life, love and laughter while undergoing treatment for chemo. And I blog about sex.

    Your writing really resonated with me. Criticism is self-hate turned outward and I absolutely LOVE your advice to give your haters more of what they hate! That is exactly what I will do! Thank you.

  51. Wow! I love that “twist” on how to see haters!

    I’ll definitely keep that idea of doing more of what they hate in mind.

    Thanks Shola for being positive and spreading this message! That was much needed!

  52. I really needed this today. Had a constant stream of negativity for the past few years from people, but lately it’s been getting more toxic and negative than ever before. The lack of understanding of wishing death upon others really resonated with me. It’s gotten to a point where I’ve actually stopped putting things out there because the negativity is such a buzzkill.

    Thank you. Hugely. I think I’ll start being more proactive in sharing what I do now.

  53. Perfect article. They need Love. In Jesus name. It’s a learning process and not always easy but ultimately this is what it boils down to.

  54. Thank you so much for this. “Do more of what they hate.” Priceless. After years as a well-respected as artist in a community, I stood up against and made public an organization who tried to censor my work. I called them out in a YouTube video…subtle, I know. In the past 48 hours, I have been called everything but a selfish, communist baboon butt with a bad haircut…no, I think I was called that, too. It has been very difficult. I even searched Amazon for a thicker skin, but they didn’t have my size. Anyway, I’m going to take a minute to regroup, recoup, and give my VIP’s more of the humor and badassery they love. Gratitude to finding you and this blog.

  55. Hi,

    Thanks for this article. It really helped me cheer up. I actually have some haters from my ex school, who won’t stop commenting on my achievements and telling people bad things about me. They even commented untrue things about me on YouTube. Could you please give me some advice to deal with such situations?

  56. Love your positive energy, your absolutely right. We can make everyone happy. I too Im having troubles everywhere I go with my positive energy. Like I always say God is always with me, & how I’m always protected. I have no fear. Although being surround with so many bad energy ppl on a daily basis. It becomes a constant battle to deal with. Somedays are harder to deal with, that I end up feeding into it. Bc I’m so fed up with these “Narcsisst=Jezebel bad spirited ppl”. Everywhere I go is the same bs, it’s annoying, so played out already. Ppl really feed to get a life. It’s so obvious that the only person they hate is themselves but they’re the only stupid ones that don’t see it. theyre forever prejecting their “SELF-HATE” energy towards ppl they feel threaten by. What do you do in a situation where the “Hate” is so “REAL”that you get fired bc of it? That’s not something you can ignore. It’s not fare to have to lose my dream job I’ve worked for 15 years just bc of “Haters”… 😔

  57. Wow! Where were you before I quit my job. I was there for almost 2 yrs. Worked my way up to asst. manager. The boss I had, we would butt heads! A new employee was hired and I recommended her for the other asst. manager position to my boss and she agreed. Then that became my worst suggestion ever. Not from the new employee but from my boss. She turned against me and for what? I became the outsider. My boss had a way of putting you down and belittling you in front of customers as well as behind your back. When all I ever did was covered for her when she wasn’t there. Bust my butt to get everything done before the next truck delivery. Jump when she called on my day off needing help. My schedule starting to change to working 13 hrs shifts and no time off and working all the night shifts while the new employee was getting day shifts and getting off from work early. All the hard work is done at night. “????????” Supposed-ly my boss went to church and was a so called “Christian”. She would pray for the customer’s that were facing some real challenges in life, and rightfully so – as I did. I am grateful and thankful for all my blessing as I am a recovering addict. I am going on 4 years clean. I don’t go to church and I do believe in my higher power and I choose to call him GOD. I am not a bible thumber but I do believe in him. I make NA meetings and I have learned how to deal with real life and not drown my emotions in drugs, and I am still learning how to not re-act and how to re-act to what life brings your way and doing the next right thing. I never treated my boss as she treated me, although I would harbor a lot of anger towards her and a lot of silence to not lose my job. Needless to say I wasn’t happy working there but it was paying my bills. I tried to look at it as a stepping stone in life and in some ways it was a test. My fiancee would tell me “your letting her rent space in your head”. As he is a recovering addict as well. He is a wonderful man in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. In NA it teaches a lot things such as changing the way you think “stop being so negative about yourself and start thinking positive about yourself”. Think before you re-act. In this case, the job I had…..I ate a lot of crow!, ’cause I needed the job at the time. Long story short, I wished I had come across your site sooner but it is never to late! Thank you so much for being brave and not letting haters rule your life. I to have moved on. Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free! How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you! Thank you! Your a inspiration in my life!

  58. Dear Sh0la,

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I really needed it!
    Made me feel a lil bit better about certain things that I am going through. I am aiming to become a better person, to focus on myself and not others. To ignore the haters and not be one at the same time because we can easily become a hater without noticing it.

    I am def. gonna follow you from now on!
    You are an outstanding, amazing human being.
    You give me hope… there’s kindness and compassion in this world!

  59. This was very helpful. I have extreme c-ptsd, anxiety, which caused depression. I deal with nasty people at work daily and even though I’m in trauma treatment it doesn’t really teach you how to not care of the haters. Most days I can’t get out of bed knowing I have to face these people for 8 hrs. Some days it’s so overwhelming I don’t even want to live. I still can’t comprehend how people are so mean and nasty and maybe I’ll never get that answer. But reading your post helped me realize there is nothing wrong with me. I’m not the actual problem, THEY ARE… I can be my happy loving self with out the desperate need to make everyone happy around me. I am sadden to read people say nasty stuff to you because you choose to be positive and happy. I have actually got bitched out because I was TOO nice. I cared TOO much. I am TOO polite. I use manners like may I please and I was told it’s a fake and a put on. If you have any other suggestions on how to deal with nasty people who try to bring you down please I’m listening. I don’t want to give up. But people make it impossible to live someday. And I have tried different jobs. Unfortunately narcissistic people are everywhere and they’re all the same. I want to stop running away and stand up to them and let them be the pathetic people they try to make me look like…. Again great post. A breath of fresh air…
    Please keep writing

  60. I used to find blogs super boring but as I started to read the beginning I just couldn’t stop myself because I learned so much and I wanna get every single piece of advice from you. I am so thankful for this blog because it boosted my confidence and made me realize that being yourself is very important and that people who always talk negative things about you don’t matter.

  61. Dear Shola,
    This is my first time reading your blogs and i admire you so much for being so positive .I hope you continue doing this because this is actually what our world needs ,such an optimistic person you’re a gem .

  62. Thank you, this post is really helpful.

    I left a job to go to a better one over a month ago. A colleague on my previous team said to my supervisor “she can never give me a straight answer when I ask her a question” after finding out I was moving teams. She constantly jumped down my throat because my answers were never as black or white as she wanted them. I was with that team for over a year and I was meant to have been there for 3 months.

    Today I encountered this colleague in the works breakout area and she just shot a death stare at me the whole time she was there. It was clear to see that she just didn’t and still doesn’t like me and I got the impression she doesn’t think I deserve to be successful.

  63. In your conclusion, you asked how I personally deal with haters, and I wanted to say that “I don’t, that’s why I read your blog” lol. But I took a look at myself and realized–sure, I still feel the anger rise up inward like indigestion, but it goes away. Thank goodness for that! Time is on my side, and it helps to take a few seconds (or minutes, hours, or a few days) to let the feelings pass and then remind myself that they are hurting inside, just like you said.

    Your blog gave some wonderful insights that I will take note of next time I have to deal with hate-filled, misguided people, and I appreciate it so much. Stay the positive, awesome person you are. Happy holidays!

  64. After 200+ blog posts I have written and published, I still survive.

    I do not care really. Matter in fact, I want to get some haters or challengers to participate in my blog anyway. Then, I can correct them with the truth and evidence.

    I rarely get any comments probably because I write mostly facts on my blog posts.

  65. Thank you so much for this. I have been dealing with a lot of haters because of a new relationship in my life. We are a very well matched couple and there is a spotlight on us sometimes. The kind people we know are happy for both of us and the haters… well they aren’t so happy. And most of them direct it toward me and not him, which sint a surprise but can be hard to deal with. And I realized that the constant comments were having an effect on my confidence.
    So thank you for helping me see that this hate has nothing to do with me, with my relationship.

  66. Hi! I just discovered you while searching the term haters for a friend… “Kindness extremist”?!? YES! That’s what I want to be toooo!

  67. Shola, I am so happy I ran across your blog! I have dealt with negativity, especially in my places of work, for YEARS, (I’m 58 years old!) I’m going to start following your blog now. Thank you for “getting “ me!

  68. Your writing is insightful and encouraging. I had a close friend who decided to oust me in front of my remaining friends when I moved from a fairly close town (an hour). He continues to hate and be hypocritical and I cannot stand to be around my other friends because of this. He’s clearly a narcissist and I have the option of being around my friends but I know he’ll be there. My instinct is to cut ALL ties there and move on completely. What would you do in this situation? I find myself in unchartered territory as it is not a practice for me to just cut people loose like my instinct tells me.

  69. Thank you Shola for this blog, and for what you are doing for everyone not sure about what to do about the difficult people in their lives.

    I’m one who has repeatedly decided against joining the blogosphere, because of the haters. Who hasn’t told her story, put in and contributed, and who has shied away from career choices where I could become known–because of the haters.

    YOU, inspire me. Thank you for stepping up and taking a stand.

  70. So recently my family and I have started a big project of constructing apartments for our community since there is a high demand on housing. I don’t know if this is relatable to this amazing article, but our local newspaper made an article about our grand opening on facebook. And people would just hate saying “were money hungry” that the rent is too expensive, etc. but we look at rent all over our town to fluctuate the price on rent. We would like it to me right in the middle to where its affordable. People are just tight and want nice things for cheap and trust me these are brand spanking new apartments so I just don’t know exactly how to respond to everything.

  71. After publishing my first book, and when that book became one of the best sellers, I was instantly attacked by haters; they hated my fame, my fans, my blog, my Youtube channel, my everything. This wasn’t my first encounter with haters in my life, so I did not react to them, and was undaunted. But after a few harsh blows for the last couple of days, I found myself staggering a bit and googled to find great insights to handle my emotion, and I came across this amazing blog. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these great stories and insights with others 🙂

  72. That’s brilliant. I have been getting comments from most of my classmates about my grades ; they say that the only way I get good grades like that is by cheating. I don’t cheat but I help my friends cheat and I feel so guilty I wish I never existed.

  73. Man, I can’t tell you how right on time it was to come across your blog. While I’ve been sitting here, working late, hoping to find a way to change things in my current employ, I’ve been searching for ways to make a situation with a negative coworker (who also DEFINITELY classifies as a hater) better. I really have done everything I can to change the situation; to include looking at myself and how I may be part of the problem. At the end of he day, I need not focus on if she likes me, tries to turn everyone against me, makes continual backhanded compliments and has done everything she can to throw me under the bus and find a way to get others to gang up against me. She’s just mad that my way of doing my job is different than hers and numerous individuals at my organization like my way better. When the surveys came in about people “LOVING how NOT BORING” I am in a training session, the hate reared it’s ugly head even more. I’ve read at least 4 of your blogs tonight and they have been of the utmost help. Thank you very much for these wise words. The hate is only telling me how awesome I am in a messed up way-bump it. I’ll take it! I’m going to speak to my boss about having you come provide us a session, if at all possible. Regardless, thank you for doing this. You believing in YOU, makes ME believe in ME.

    Thank you again, Shola.


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