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Founder & CEO, Go Together Global®
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Keynote Speaker, Coach & Consultant

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Ubuntu: The One Word to Change How You Work, Live and Lead

In this vulnerable and thought-provoking TEDx talk, Shola introduces the transcendent concept of Ubuntu, while showing how it can be used to transform how we work, live and lead.

Good Morning LaLa Land Interview

Shola shares his remarkable origin story and his unshakable passion for workplace civility and kindness.

CBS This Morning Interview

Shola discusses his mega-viral article “Why I’ll Never Walk Alone”, and why it’s more important than ever to lean into difficult conversations about racial equity.

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In the News

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What Workers Crave More Than Money

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Dad Explains in Viral Post Why He Won’t Walk Alone

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Shola's Blog

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Hi! I am Shola

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Over a decade ago, I was drowning in the despondency of yet another workday. My success as the top regional performer had been numbed by a culture of incessant workplace bullying. And, I’d recently made the situation worse by filing a formal complaint. In short, I was collateral damage in a company without the process or intention to address my experience.

Exhausted from the drama, with an unrecognizable version of myself at the wheel, I intentionally swerved off the interstate in an attempt to take my own life. But in that half-second, my reflexes responded, and I yanked the wheel away from disaster. As I clipped the guardrail on I 405, something changed...

...a burning desire to reverse a trend that happens daily to sixty-five million people in this country alone. This catalyst has since become Go Together™ Movement - a transformational roadmap of mindset, behaviors, and tools that transform workplace cultures and drive results.

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I help organizations build compassion, competence, and accountability in the workplace. As a result, sustainable and joyful peak productivity, engagement, and satisfaction become the new norm.

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