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Shola Richards' Speaker Reel

If you've ever wanted to know why I'm so passionate about leading the movement to end workplace incivility, look no further than the video below.  

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Shola's timely message of bringing civility and positivity back to the workplace is bringing audiences to their feet all over the country. If your audience needs a keynote speaker to deliver a powerful (and lasting!) shot of workplace positivity, look no further.

NEW BOOK! Go Together

Go Together by Shola Richards

The transcendent African word Ubuntu means, "I am, because we are." In his bold, powerful, and deeply personal book, Go Together, Shola shows us how we can use the power of Ubuntu to heal our workplaces, our lives, and ideally, our world. And as with most things, we must do this important work together.

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Making Work Work is Shola's best-selling book that's positively transforming workplaces from Alaska to Australia. Are you ready to join the workplace positivity movement that's sweeping the globe? Let's find out.

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Find out why readers (aka, Solutionists) in over 160 countries have faithfully followed Shola's blog, The Positivity Solution, and devoured his articles since 2013. If you're looking for a spark of inspiration that could change your life, start here.

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So, who is this guy Shola, and why is he so passionate about positively changing the world? Read on for the answers that you seek.

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