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Businessman Yelling and Pointing - Workplace bullying

Bullied No More: The End of Workplace Bullying

This is NOT the guy who you want to spend 40 hours a week with. Shola's Note: October is National Bullying Awareness month, and I am ready to shine as bright of a light as I...
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Being Stronger Than Your Excuses

You are so much stronger than your excuses. Imagine this: You are locked into the fight for your life, and you're giving it all of your effort. You're punching, kicking, scratching, hair-pulling, and doing everything within...
Tree split between summer and winter to illustrate change of seasons from winter to summer

Grow or Die

Set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it, you become someone worth becoming." -Jim Rohn The title of this blog post is pretty dramatic, isn't it? Maybe it is, but it's true. At best, in...
Child sitting in living room with Teddy bear

It’s Time to Make Kindness the New Normal

It's time to make kindness the new normal. A couple of weeks ago, I called the customer service department of a well-known online retailer because I ordered a gift for someone...and I mistakenly had it mailed...
Birds Grouped on Wires with One Bird by Itself "Individuality"

You Have Nothing to Prove

Why fit in when you could stand out? Recently, during a speaking engagement, a woman in the audience asked me a question that would have been very difficult for me to answer a few years ago: "On your...
Being your own hero. Silhouette Of A young boy wearing a cape plays a super hero at sunset.

Being Your Own Hero

Be your own hero. One day I was teaching a customer service class, and I remember a woman complaining non-stop about how miserable she was in her job. She went on and on about how she...
Door Open To Show a Brick Wall

Do You Really Want It?

What do you see--a barrier or an opportunity? A while ago, I ran into one of my old coworkers at the grocery store. We used to work together at the soul-destroying hellhole that I've described in...
Huge legs with small businessman standing in front

The Insanity of Being Intimidated by People

It's time to reclaim your power. If you've been following The Positivity Solution for a little while, then I'm certain that you know this: I believe that fear destroys more lives than any other force on this...
Young Woman With Suitcase in Hand Going Away On A Rural Road

Go Where You’re Wanted

If you're not wanted, why stay? Don't chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people--the ones who really belong in your life--will come to you. And stay." -Will Smith I...

Hi! I am Shola

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Over a decade ago, I was drowning in the despondency of yet another workday. My success as the top regional performer had been numbed by a culture of incessant workplace bullying. And, I’d recently made the situation worse by filing a formal complaint. In short, I was collateral damage in a company without the process or intention to address my experience.

Exhausted from the drama, with an unrecognizable version of myself at the wheel, I intentionally swerved off the interstate in an attempt to take my own life. But in that half-second, my reflexes responded, and I yanked the wheel away from disaster. As I clipped the guardrail on I 405, something changed...

I uncovered a power within myself

...a burning desire to reverse a trend that happens daily to sixty-five million people in this country alone. This catalyst has since become Go Together™ Movement - a transformational roadmap of mindset, behaviors, and tools that transform workplace cultures and drive results.

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