About Shola

So, who is this guy?

Shola Richards’ life’s mission is an ambitious one: To end generations of professional suffering, simply by changing how we treat each other at work. 

Whether it is helping people to deal with soul-destroying bully bosses, passive-aggressive coworkers, or toxic work cultures that value competition and profit more than they value teamwork and their people—Shola is committed to leading the worldwide movement that will change all of it.

Shola is a dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author of Making Work Work (#1 New Release in the Workplace Culture category on Amazon.com), the author of his new book, Go Together, a workplace positivity expert, and a positivity writer with a passionate worldwide following. His articles have been read by readers in over 160 countries, and his work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Complete Wellbeing India, Business Insider Australia, and in numerous other publications all over the world who recognize him as an authority on workplace happiness and engagement. 

As a speaker, Shola has shared his transformative message with top universities, Silicon Valley, leading healthcare organizations, the motion picture industry, and in his greatest honor to date, as a keynote speaker for the Department of Homeland Security three days before the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, under the Obama Administration (September 2016).    

Last, but certainly not least, Shola is a father, husband, identical twin, and a self-professed “kindness extremist” who will not rest until bullying and incivility are extinct from the American workplace.  

More Random Facts About Shola

Admittedly, Shola is a little different (okay, a lot different) than most people out there. Here are some random, little known facts about him:

  • He drank gasoline once as a kid, because he loved the smell of it (yes, seriously). 
  • He doesn't drink coffee, he hates the taste of chocolate, and he doesn't like condiments on his food (maybe that's a side-effect from drinking the gasoline...?)
  • He can teach anyone how to draw an amazing cartoon walrus in less than 60 seconds.
  • His passion for selflessly helping others has lovingly earned him the nickname "Brother Teresa".
  • He co-hosted a music video countdown show with his identical twin brother Doyin for the CBS affiliate in upstate New York. 
  • His name auto-corrects on most iPhones to “Ebola.” 
  • His passion for ending workplace bullying (actually, all forms of bullying) stems from the pain that he felt from being mercilessly bullied by other kids as a pre-teen.
  • He absolutely loves white peaches. Seriously, it's more like an obsession than a love.

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