The Making Work Work Movement (in Shola's Words)


The Workplace Positivity Movement is Officially ON!

There's a shift happening in workplaces all over the world where people are ready to lead the movement to make kindness, mutual respect and positivity the new normal at work (check out the verified Amazon reviews below to see some of the powerful results).

Yes, you read that right.

We're starting a workplace positivity movement to end generations of unchecked toxicity, bullying, and professional suffering. 

The book, Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment (#1 New Release in the "Workplace Culture" category on Amazon) was written to specifically help anyone to create a positivity movement in his/her workplace immediately after reading it. 

One of the most common frustrations when it comes to business books, is that they are often written by gurus who have little recent experience working as an employee (much less, in a toxic work environment). That is definitely not the case with me. 

Every word of Making Work Work was written from the vantage point of a guy who has lived through some of the most soul-damaging awfulness that the professional world has to offer. The result is a book that is not only deeply relatable, but one that's packed with real solutions for the tens of millions of people all over the globe who are currently dealing with workplace bullying, toxicity and incivility.

Making Work Work (The Hard-Hitting Details)

Here is some of what you'll learn in Making Work Work:

  • Why we cannot wait a moment longer to create a positivity movement at work, and what is at stake for you, me, your loved ones, and the rest of the world if we choose to do nothing.
  • A 32-question assessment to see if you're ready to lead this movement (side note: this is where we separate the people who "kinda" want positive change, from those who really want it.)
  • Why the term "work-life balance" makes absolutely no sense, and the much more effective strategy to ensure that your work doesn't constantly bleed into your personal and family life.
  • How to protect your health, your happiness and your sanity from being negatively affected by the around-the-clock demands of the workplace...and, the strategy to create clear workplace boundaries designed to protect you from overwork, burnout, excessively long hours, and from constantly saying "yes" when you really need to say "no."
  • How to effectively deal with the most toxic workplace personalities who will cross your path during your career (e.g., passive-aggressive coworkers, bully bosses, and chronic complainers, to name a few). 
  • The five-step Attitude Adjustment Pyramid that will give you the energy and resilience to keep you moving forward, even when you feel like your workplace is draining the life out of you on a daily basis.
  • Why anyone who says, "I'm not here to make friends at work," is doomed to professional failure, and how having meaningful friendships at work is the key to not only a more meaningful career, but also in creating a positivity movement at your workplace, and around the world as well.
  • How you can lead this movement and positively transform your work environment without having a fancy job title, authority, or a corner office.
  • The real (and never-before publicly shared) story behind why I started The Positivity Solution...and my near-death situation that motivated me to spend the rest of my life ensuring that we treat each other better at work, at home, and every place in between.

And like I said, that is just some of what is in this book. I poured every drop of my heart and soul into writing this so that it will actively help as many people as humanly possible--and I humbly (and confidently) believe that this will do the trick, and then some.

Best of all, Making Work Work has practical, real-life exercises that will inspire you to take the necessary action to positively change your workplace, your life, and quite possibly, the world.  

Order a Copy of Making Work Work, Today!

If what you just read above sounds exactly like what you've been waiting for--why wait any longer? Use the links below to buy a copy for yourself, for a colleague or friend who is drained by unrelenting drama at work, or buy a bunch for your work team as a wildly-effective means to inoculate your team from falling victim to the plague of workplace toxicity. 

Or, if you'd rather have your ear-holes filled up with my voice as I read my book to you on your commute to work, click on the Audible link below for the audio-version.

Most importantly, thank you so much for supporting the movement! There's a lot of work that needs to be done in order to heal the working world, and I'm thrilled to know that you'll be with me on this journey.

It's time to get to work.

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Making Work Work Book Trailer

This is why Shola was inspired to write Making Work Work.

Amazon-Verified Reviews of Making Work Work


Real Life Stories of How Making Work Work is Changing the World.

Still not convinced that a book could positively change the workplace? Read a few of these verified Amazon reviews and see for yourself:

VERIFIED Amazon Review: Strong & Refreshing Stand for Workplace Decency.

"I found Shola's blog after a terrible experience of workplace bullying, that ended in my leaving a job I'd held for 10 years. A new manager terrorized not only her employees, but her superiors, and ran rampant over every person she worked with. I was shocked at my employer's complacency and inability to address the problem, even to the extent that they were willing to lose key people.

Determined not to be a victim again, I went in search of guidance, and found Shola's blog, The Positivity Solution. Shola is a hard-hitting "nice guy", in that he does preach mutual respect and kindness, yet he also recognizes that this will actually make you a target for a certain type of person. He offers practical and encouraging advice on dealing with these crass brutes, without becoming one yourself. He also helps us consider when it may be time to leave the situation. I was really looking forward to Shola's first book, and have not been disappointed. As much as it is certainly valuable to help the "used & abused" one at a time, his book is an announcement that the real problem is a culture that allows such behavior, even rewards it, without considering the real cost. For those who don't have a heart, and aren't concerned with the human cost, Shola also logically points to lost productivity, lost corporate cultures, lost investment in people and teams. 

Others have written about difficult work environments, and I found their offerings unsatisfactory. Some encourage the reader to just be worse than the bullies. Others preach slick & slimy gamesmanship. Some steadfastly preach "taking the high road", without explaining how one should expect to retain one's sanity and self-respect. Shola has led this discussion in a refreshing new direction, discussing personal choices both big & small that we make daily, when we decide where to be, who to be, how to deal with personal attacks. Everyone needs to be around other people, whether it is work, volunteering, school, even family. Bullies and bullying behaviors seem to be everywhere, tolerated as a "normal" human dynamic. Thanks to Shola I now understand this is not "normal", it is not to be tolerated, I can handle myself and make decisions to prevail and/or move on ON MY TERMS, and I can be an example and voice for change. I encourage everyone who knows in their hearts that Nice Guys Really Do Finish First, must read this book. Hey Bullies, you better read it too, we're coming for you (in the nicest possible way)." 

VERIFIED Amazon Review: This Book is a Modern-Day Business Classic! A Powerful and Engaging Read From the Very Beginning to the End.

Admittedly, I’m not dealing with a toxic work environment—quite the opposite, actually. I work in a tough industry that is known for its long hours and ultra-high expectations, but I love my boss, my colleagues, and what I do for a living. Even so, this book was life-changing for me on so many levels (and I'm not using those words lightly). Specifically, Chapter 6 gave me the necessary tools to finally put an end my overwork habits, Chapter 8 validated everything that I’ve always believed about building meaningful friendships at work, and every other chapter gave me a clear blueprint to ensure that I lead myself and others in a healthy, positive, and transformative way. Most of all, the book’s Introduction…wow, what an incredible way to start a book. Let’s just say that it’s a powerful reminder to anyone who has been in a dark place that they can bounce back to do some amazingly positive things.

I’m a business book junkie, and I can’t remember reading a book that is as well-written, vulnerable, humorous, inspirational, relevant to the modern-day employee, and most importantly, full of legitimately actionable advice as this book is. Clearly, the author knows what life is like in the trenches (unlike some authors who have likely never dealt with workplace drama in their lives), and that makes every word in this book so meaningful. I’m so glad that I found this book, and I will be giving Making Work Work away as gifts to any of my friends who are looking to improve their work lives. It is a joy to read from the beginning to the very end, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

VERIFIED Amazon Review: Game Changer, Life Changer.

"A bit over a year ago, Shola's wisdom literally saved my life. Severe bullying resulted in health issues that almost killed me; I spent a month in the hospital, a week of that on life support in the ICU. After I returned to work and the bullying CONTINUED, I read Shola's blog post on "What you allow will continue".

I am positive that had I allowed the renewed bullying to continue, I would simply not be here to write this review. Instead, I immediately applied his wisdom to my situation, and as a result, saved my own life (and the job I love as well). It was NOT easy; and whenever the going got tough and I wanted to give up, I'd hear Shola's words in my mind, in my heart, feel his support, his encouragement, his willing me to carry on, be the change, save myself, and make a difference. And it worked.  

Shola saved my life, and the job I love. His wisdom also made my life indescribably better- both at work and at home. He may very well change or even save your life, your workplace, the job you love. I WILL continue the work to make Shola's vision a reality at my workplace- unfortunately, there's still more to be done-but it CAN be done, and I will do it. And Shola, there are no words, but THANK YOU." 

VERIFIED Amazon Review: Exceptional Read on Workplace Bullying.

"Making Work Work" by Shola Richards is an exceptional read for those who find bullies in the workplace and want to empower themselves and others by example. The book has helped me in so many different ways, in my professional and personal life. There are books that you read and some stick with you, this book is it! 

I wish the book was published earlier in my professional career as it would have been perfect to allow me to make sense, have strategies and tools to navigate and protect myself. To make sense of bullying in the workplace, I've read many books during my life on this topic, and Shola's book, by far has been the best. If anyone is searching for answers on bullying in the workplace and wants to know how to make life normal again, I highly recommend to read this book. There is so much that we cannot control, however, we can have courage and control what we can."

VERIFIED Amazon Review: Lifechanger!

"Is your office a place of soul-destroying negativity?" Several years ago, after a very long and happy career in the same workplace, I became continusly and maliciously harrassed and bullied by a few nasty (read=jealous!) bully co-workers. Try as I might, the "complaints" kept coming and I found myself in "the principals office" every few months. Aided by a manager who bought into their pathological personalities and sided with them,my reputation wasunder attack and it occured to me that I was in real danger of being terminated and having my career destroyed! I felt helpless and lost when I realized I had to leave a job I truly loved. My physical and mental health suffered as well. My search for answers led me to Shola Richards and The Positivity Solution. 

There are some very good people out there who deal with workplace toxicity and those who perpetrate it, but Shola seems to have the perfect insights and advice on all aspects of this very frustrating and universal problem. Why? He's been there! He found a way to turn that soul destroying situation into something positive and has dedicated his life to helping us find that solution too. His words truly gave me hope and inspiration. I saw myself in every page. There is no need to suffer alone anymore! 

If you or someone you know is suffering at the hands of a bully or other toxic issues, this is the book for you! It should be required reading for every workplace! Until I became a victim myself, I never realized how common these issues are. Unfortunately I learned that schoolyard bullies don't go away. They grow up and become adult bullies. Shola Richards and "Making Work Work" will show you how to take your life back again.I can't say it enough- Run, don't walk! Get your copy today! It's a lifechanger!"  

VERIFIED Amazon Review: Getting Rid of Bullying in the Workplace!

"I am in the process of reading Making Work Work but have been following the Positivity Solution for 3 years now so I am very familiar with Shola's much needed message. Shola's book is written from the heart with passion. Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home so it's crucial that the environment we work in is a healthy one. Making Work Work provides the tools to help make this happen by first asking the reader to take inventory of how one communicates and responds to those around us at work especially the nasty ones. I know from personal experience that it does take courage to make this "work" but by employing Shola's advice it does work and not only in the workplace but outside of it as well. And it really isn't that hard once one decides that this change is needed for one's health, piece of mind and happiness. Shola's Making Work Work is no nonsense, down to earth and does 'Work'."

VERIFIED Amazon Review: Inspiring.

"This is a great book -- eye opening, thought provoking, and well written. I found plenty of ideas that both challenged some of my assumptions about how I approach my work place, and inspired me with new strategies. These are real, down to earth, accessible ways to make changes. I did find it difficult initially to face what I myself have done to create a negative work place, but I have found that the shifts I've made have gained momentum and I'm pleased with what I'm seeing both for me and my team. I highly recommend this book."