Shola's Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


My workplace is a noxious sea of negativity and despair! Can you help turn things around?

Yikes...that doesn't sound good! On a positive note, if your work team (or your organization) is dealing with a toxic combination of gossip, bullying and unrelenting incivility, I can provide the hard-hitting strategies that will help to immediately turn things around. That's what I do!

My highly-customized Making Work Work Workshops (yep, that's a lot of work!), based on the strategies in my book, will give you and your team the tools to make your organization a more positive, productive and respectful place to work, starting today. For longer term engagements, you're going to need a consultant with serious organizational development chops to turn the ship around and create lasting and meaningful change. On another positive note, that's my specialty.

Bottom line--life is way too short to work in a miserable, soul-destroying environment, and if you're ready to take action to change it, simply shoot an email to my team, and we'll make it happen:

Email: PR [at] sholarichards [dot] com

Hey Shola! Do you do 1-on-1 coaching? I could really use some personalized assistance, stat.

I don't offer it at the moment, but if this becomes something that more people are sincerely interested in, then I am happy to make it happen. Let me know!

Forget workplace toxicity, we need some serious inspiration at our upcoming event! Are you in?

This is what gives me life! Nothing fills my soul like delivering high-energy keynote talks to large audiences (the bigger, the better!) about the critical importance of bringing kindness, respect and positivity back to the workplace. Check out my keynote speaking page for more details, and to see if I would be a fit. I would love to deliver the "event of the year" for you!

So, how do I sign-up for your famous Monday morning positivity emails that I keep hearing about?

I'm glad that you asked! If you're ready to start off your week with some hard-hitting positivity each Monday morning, all that you have to do is text the word POSITIVITY to 444999, follow the simple prompts, and you'll be officially subscribed!  

And, as an added bonus, you'll also receive a free copy of my e-book, The Definitive Guide for Dealing with Extremely Difficult People delivered directly to your inbox!

I love your smiley face logo t-shirts! Where do I go to get one?

I love them too! They are available in every color, style and size at The Positivity Solution Shop. Enjoy!

I read the Introduction to Making Work Work, and it blew me away. Did that really happen to you?

It sure did. It was one of the darkest moments of my life, and my life nearly ended due to being on the wrong end of workplace toxicity and bullying. 

That is why I'm dedicating the rest of my life to ensuring that no one else ends up in a similar situation. The world is getting a little meaner, and I promise that I will give every ounce of my energy to changing that trend.